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Book Notes: Failing Forward

Fear can’t be avoided, you have to face it

Giving into fear breeds a cycle where you’re always afraid and won’t take risks

Analyze why you failed and try again

90% of those who fail are not defeated, they simply quit

Walking down the street and seeing a bit home and keep falling into it

Once you begin thinking in terms of what is your responsibility, you will be able to change.

Contentment comes from having a positive attitude. It means:

Expecting the best in everything not the worst

Remaining upbeat even when you get beat up

Seeing solutions in every problem not problems in every solution

Believing in yourself even when others believe you’ve failed

Holding onto hope even when others say it’s hopeless

A problem is something that can be solved. A fact of life is something that must be accepted

Five signs that someone hasn’t gotten over their past difficulties:

  1. Comparison: Continually talking about how much harder you have it than anyone else
  2. Rationalization: Believing that there are good reasons not to get over past difficulties. Stops you from finding solutions to your problems
  3. Isolation: Withdrawing due to past hurts for self-protection
  4. Regret: Removes your energy and leaves little enabling to do anything positive
  5. Bitterness

There are people who have it better than you and have done worse

There are people who have it worse than you and have done better

Know who you are and face your flaws:

  1. See yourself clearly: See both the bad and good within you
  2. Admit your flaws honestly: Own up to what you cannot do (based on skill), should not do (based on talent) and ought not do (based on character)
  3. Discover your strengths joyfully: Focus on your strengths
  4. Build on those strengths passionately

Person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top

Embrace adversity and make failure a regular part of your life

Benefits of adversity:

  1. Adversity creates resilience
  2. Adversity develops maturity: It can make you better if you don’t let it make you bitter. It promotes wisdom and maturity
  3. Adversity pushes the envelope of accepted performance: Until you learn from experience that you can live through adversity, you will be reluctant to buck mindless tradition or push the envelope
  4. Adversity provides great opportunities
  5. Adversity prompts innovation
  6. Adversity recaps unexpected benefits: In science, mistakes always precede the truth
  7. Adversity motivates: If you can step back from the negative circumstances, you can discover the positive benefits

Find the benefit in every bad experience. Think about major setbacks you’ve had and the benefits that occurred