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2021 Goals and 2020 in Review

I decided to do one of these quick analyses mostly for my own sake.

2020 Goals

✅ Getting better with React and other frontend tools
✅ Launch some fun side projects: I slightly accomplished this by releasing Doorlytics (which ended up getting acquired!). However, it was only one small project. I’d like to publish many more!
❌ Become a better writer (goal: write about 500 words a day)
❌ Meet new people and build relationships in the startup scene (let’s talk!)
❌ Grow Twitter and blog readers

2021 Goals

➡️ Continue improving my writing skills and write more in general (rollover from 2020)
➡️ Grow readership
➡️ Launch more side projects
➡️ Read more non-fiction books (let’s say… 10?)