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2021 Goal Review and Planning for 2022

’21 was a great year for introspection. When I wasn’t buried in books, I would be exploring hobbies that I’d scribbled down in a notebook titled All the Possible Things I Can Do in Life. Some were terminated (rock climbing), others iffy long-term (skydiving) and some enthralling (piano, public speaking, writing).

Previously, a significant amount of my time was devoted to startups. This year was a break from it all. No startup business. Nada. The time was instead allocated to exploration and mindfulness — to experience the experiences and lasso down what I truly wanted from life and how to achieve it. Developing a life strategy and vision were my core focuses this year and it’s begun paying dividends already. 2022 will be the year that I steer the ship in the direction I’ve charted.

2021 Goals

✅ Continue improving my writing skills and write more in general (rollover from 2020)
✅ Grow readership
❌ Launch more side projects
✅ Read more non-fiction books (let’s say… 10?)

2022 Goals

➡️ Meet new people in the startup scene (let’s talk!)
➡️ Grow Twitter and blog readers
➡️ Launch side projects
➡️ Do some outbound experience
➡️ Explore a new country
➡️ Read 12 fiction or non-fiction books

I missed a major goal in 2021 — launching more side projects. It’s a priority in 2022 to develop a couple of products that people will find useful.